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Advantages of Working

  • Your production on one screen

    All production processes and indicators are collected in one place, moreover, with daily uploads according to an individually selected template

  • Working with any equipment

    We don't force you to change or buy our equipment. We find ways to integrate with any controllers.

  • Using modern optimization methods

    We actively use machine learning methods to solve the most non-standard tasks

Increasing Efficiency

Our clients reduce the time and effort required for setup and execution of processes, as well as minimize the risk of human error and increase control and accuracy over their production

  • Full automation and retrofitting if necessary

  • Connecting all equipment to one network

  • Cloud data storage

  • Round-the-clock technical support


You see the dynamics of production indicators

Our Specializations

  • opportunityImage

    Online control of poultry farming enterprise

    You will always have operational information on all vital indicators at hand: microclimate, egg production, weight gain, and mortality of birds from each building. Data is saved and automatically formed into reports with graphs so you can compare results and conduct analytics.

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    Production counter on conveyor based on machine learning

    No retrofitting of existing structures or purchase of specialized equipment. All that is required to install is a camera. And nothing more! Simply hang the camera, set it up, and count.

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    Assembly of individual automation solutions

    Our engineers have any competencies from simple installation of a camera to configuring security systems, climate control, and scripting complex process management algorithms for the enterprise.

Increasing Efficiency

  • Cold Way

    Monitoring of storage and transportation of veterinary drugs and logistics conditions

  • Monitoring of the Environment

    Sensors for air humidity, ammonia and carbon dioxide, temperature, electricity, water, and gas

  • Smart Systems

    Smart home of any complexity in any part of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus turnkey

  • Product Counting System

    Reading of products by installing optical sensors installed at various stages of production

  • Consulting

    We will draw up a technical specification and make a work plan according to your wishes if you want to carry out the work yourself

  • Production Audit

    We will find inefficient nodes in the chain, suggest processes that can be digitized, introduce clear KPIs, and work out all factors

Do You Have Questions? We Will Answer!

Submit a request for a callback, and we will try to answer you within 15 minutes.

  • Qualified support staff

  • Consultation on all company work issues


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